WordPress Dominates Industry Share Of Leading 10,000 Internet sites

When you mention makes that dominate the market, the likes of Google, Fb and Amazon are likely to spring to brain.

Likewise, when it will come to CSM current market share, it will not shock you to know that WordPress is dominating.

What could surprise you is how a great deal by.

How Marketplace Share Was Measured

The research carried out by GigaPress produced use of the Alexa Leading Internet sites, which discovered the top 10,000 web sites around the world by measuring Alexa Website traffic Rank.

From here, they utilized a script to identify the type of CMS every site makes use of, dependent on over 900 recognised programs.

Market Share Outcomes

It was expected that the greater part of prime websites would use a personal customized written content administration procedure, and the research confirmed that, with 7,612 (76.12{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}) of leading sites working with a CMS that was not publicly obtainable.


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However, of the best web-sites with a publicly readily available content material management procedure, WordPress was the system of decision for 1,057 (10.57{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}).

That indicates that WordPress owns 44.26{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} of the CMS marketplace share.

Graphic permitted for use by GigaPress

Comparatively, the runner-up – Drupal – has just a 9.63{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market place share.


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Other runners up involve:

  • All many others – 26.64{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} marketplace share.
  • Adobe Experience Manager – 8.54{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market place share.
  • Joomla – 2.21{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} marketplace share.
  • Blogger – 1.88{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} industry share.
  • Umbraco – 1.75{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} current market share.
  • DataLife Engine – 1.72{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market place share.
  • SiteCore – 1.68{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} marketplace share.
  • Shopify – 1.68{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} sector share.

Digging A Minimal Deeper

The same industry share assessment was carried out on the major 1,000 sites that ended up discovered as working with a publicly accessible written content administration method, with WordPress remaining on prime with a share of 31.21{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}

Chart of CMS Market Share of 1K WebsitesImpression accepted for use by GigaPress

The margins for the runner-ups ended up a small nearer in this examination when compared to the broader sample.

Apparently, the makes position was distinctive in comparison to the broader assessment:

  • All Others – 24.11{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} industry share.
  • Adobe Encounter Manager – 16.31{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} sector share.
  • Drupal – 11.35{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market share.
  • Umbraco – 7.09{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} sector share.
  • Arc Publishing – 2.84{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market share.
  • GitHub Webpages – 1.42{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market place share.
  • Shopify – 1.42{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} sector share.
  • Blogger – 1.42{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} market share.

What This Implies For Your WordPress Website

In the 18 years that WordPress has existed, the platform has emerged as an incredibly popular decision, no matter what type of website you are seeking to build.

Heralded as an excellent preference for new and more compact firms, this exploration highlights that it is a trustworthy and well-known decision among significantly more substantial brands much too.


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GigaPress claims of the benefits:

“This is more than an outstanding stat—it’s a testament to the ubiquity of WordPress, as very well as its dependability and scalability.”

This implies that an investment decision in a WordPress internet site could provide your marketing and advertising journey for much lengthier than you may possibly think.

Of course, the website will need to be continuously preserved and optimized to guide with advancement and continue to be existing with Google Algorithm updates, but it is totally feasible that the system will carry on to work perfectly even if your web site level of popularity boosts substantially.