Wix Negative Advertisements In opposition to WordPress Deliver Backlash

Wix adverse advertisements attacking WordPress designed a strong anti-Wix reaction on the web. Marketing Bose headphones sent to developers and online internet marketing influencers as portion of the marketing campaign did not stop the recipients to publicly concern the energy to advertise with a unfavorable attack.

The marketing campaign did not surface to change anyone in the WordPress group to take pleasure in Wix. The campaign seemed to actually backfire by causing quite a few to specific damaging reactions towards Wix.

The Update Button of Doom – You Are worthy of Superior

The Wix damaging marketing campaign appeared to be centered on portraying WordPress in an extremely adverse mild in the context of a world wide web developer trying to get aid for a mental health and fitness disaster.

One particular video, titled The Update of Doom, is typical of the attack ads.

In it a web developer is in psychiatric counseling. The subtext is that WordPress is so terrible that the website developer demands psychiatric assist.


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Screenshot From Wix Attack Advertisement Portraying a World-wide-web Developer in a Psychological Disaster

The selection of portraying WordPress in the context of mental health and fitness distress is curious in light-weight of the simple fact that so many individuals are suffering pandemic relevant psychological wellness crises.

In accordance to analysis by the Kaiser Family members Basis:

“During the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have noted signs and symptoms of stress or depressive disorder… up from 1 in 10 grownups who documented these signs or symptoms from January to June 2019

…During the pandemic, a larger sized than normal share of younger adults (ages 18-24) report indications of anxiety and/or depressive problem (56{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}). As opposed to all older people, young older people are far more probably to report substance use (25{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} vs. 13{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}) and suicidal thoughts (26{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb} vs. 11{1925535ef93c9dffc421d6900bc5065e73e6f572a39640a8e58aae02194bf0cb}).”


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In the Wix ad a psychiatric take a look at is staged for comedic impact by portraying WordPress as an insensitive man or woman who leads to mental anguish.

Some may perceive the ad as trivializing psychological health and fitness by applying it in a context of comedy, notably simply because WordPress was portrayed as a grotesquely ill man or woman whose eyes are spinning about in their sockets.

Screenshot from Wix Assault Ad Portraying WordPress With Eyes Spinning in their Sockets

WordPress portrayed as a grotesque mentally ill personWix portrayed WordPress as a grotesquely unwell person, with eyeballs spinning all around in their sockets

And this was just one of quite a few adverts that had been staged as a psychological health crisis.

Some of the responses on YouTube expressed disapproval:

“It’s stunning that Wix is not humiliated to publish written content like this. Who in the earth imagined that this was a excellent thought?”

“WOW, how lower can you go, this is named the base of the barrel”

“Shame on you Wix. I’ve under no circumstances regarded working with your providers, and in no way will.”

Lookup Promoting Group Responds on Twitter

The reaction was identical on Twitter exactly where Jon Henshaw (@henshaw) expressed his disapproval with the negative marketing method, remarking that only lousy products are marketed in this way.

John also pointed out that the Wix advertisements could have erased the goodwill Wix had been setting up within the Search engine marketing community:


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Wix Marketing campaign Described as Distasteful

Shelly Fagin (@shellyfagin), a receiver of the headphone promotion also tweeted that her expectation was to hear about constructive things about Wix only to be confronted with a adverse assault marketing campaign, calling it distasteful.

Michelle Lowery (@MichelleDLowery) disapproved of damaging messaging:

Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress Responds

Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress responded by highlighting that each and every site creating competitor of WordPress supports exporting websites to competing providers and only Wix traps customers into their platform.


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Matt Mullenweg responded:

“Wix is a for-gain company… whose enterprise model is having prospects to pay out additional and much more each and every yr and making it tough to leave or get a refund. (Really don’t acquire my word for it, look at their investor shows.)

They are so insecure that they are also the only web-site creator I’m aware of that doesn’t allow for you to export your articles, so they are like a roach motel the place you can check in but hardly ever test out. When you obtain into their proprietary stack you are locked in, which even their assist documentation admits…

So if we’re comparing site builders to abusive relationships, Wix is a single that locks you in the basement and doesn’t enable you depart. I’m surprised client security businesses haven’t gone after them.”

Favourable Strategies and Goodwill

A single of the hallmarks of a valued brand name is the goodwill that customers and even non-shoppers lengthen to the corporation. Even though the response to the adverts have been not universally negative, a excellent offer of the responses have been. Many expressed disappointment in the method taken by Wix.


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