Telnet Gets Stubborn Sony Camera Under Control

Telnet Gets Stubborn Sony Camera Under Control

In accordance to [Venn Stone], complex producer about at LinuxGameCast, the Sony a5000 is nevertheless a good choice for people seeking to shoot 1080p online video inspite of currently being released back again in 2014. But although the digital camera is lightweight and economical, it does have some irritating quirks — namely an overlay on the HDMI output (as noticed in the picture earlier mentioned) that simply cannot be turned off employing the camera’s regular configuration menu. But as it so occurs, applying some open resource resources and the venerable telnet, you can actually log into the camera’s operating process and fiddle with its configurations immediately.

As spelled out in the compose-up, the initial action is to put in Sony-PMCA-RE, a cross-system suite of resources made for reverse engineering and modifying Sony cameras. With the camera related by means of USB, this will allow you to put in a system on the digital camera called Open up Reminiscences Tweak. This unlocks some developer solutions on the digicam, these kinds of as spawning a telnet server on its WiFi interface.

With the a5000 connected to your wireless network, you stage your telnet client to its IP address and will be greeted by a BusyBox interface that really should be common to any person who’s performed with embedded Linux devices. The final stage is to invoke the proper command, bk.elf w 0x01070a47 00, which sets the precise address of the camera’s configuration file to zero. This completely disables the HDMI overlay, while it can be reversed by operating the command all over again and placing the byte back again to 01.

As you may possibly be expecting, the Sony-PMCA-RE package is able of quite a little bit far more than just unlocking a telnet server. Though it may possibly not be as strong as a firmware modification this sort of as Magic Lantern for Canon’s components, individuals searching for a hackable digicam that will not break the bank could possibly want to look at out the project’s documentation to see what else is doable.

Many thanks to [Aaron] for the idea.