How to Use SMS Marketing for Shopify

How to Use SMS Marketing for Shopify

If you want to increase your sales, increase consumer engagement, and increase your return on investment on your Shopify shop, SMS Gateway might be the tool you need.

“On average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to react to a text message, and 98 percent of text messages are opened and read.”

SMS marketing has eclipsed email’s dismal open rates (20 percent), and you’re losing money if you don’t include it in your entire marketing plan.

5 Tips to Help Beginners Understand SMS Marketing for Shopify

It’s no wonder that text messaging is becoming increasingly popular as a means of communication. Spam inundates email, and customers have learnt to disregard phone numbers they don’t know for identical reasons.

In today’s industry, you must be imaginative if you want your message to reach people. SMS marketing allows you to cut through the clutter and engage your customers more successfully than other approaches – because people genuinely want to receive your messages.

“After opting in, 75% of customers prefer to get SMS from companies.”

1. Understand the Basic Terminology

If you’re new to text marketing, you should grasp the lingo so you can comprehend how it works. SMS marketing, keywords, and short codes are the three most critical concepts to understand.

MARKETING VIA SMS: SMS is an abbreviation for short messaging service and is another word for text messages. When combined with a well-thought-out plan, SMS marketing provides an exceptional return on investment (ROI). You may include it into your existing marketing plan to increase interaction with other marketing activities such as social media, email newsletters, and direct mail adverts.

“Integrating SMSBump with your Shopify shop may enhance your ROI by a factor of 25 or more.”

KEYWORD: Keywords are specified words or short phrases that you develop to help you assess a campaign’s performance. For each campaign, you may establish a new Keyword, and you’ll be able to monitor how many people texted that Keyword to your short code.

QUICK CODE: The phone number associated with your SMS marketing account is referred to as a short code. Short codes eliminate the need to send and receive text messages from consumers using your own mobile phone number.

2. Create a Strategy

Don’t sign up for SMS texting and start sending messages blindly. First, you must devise a plan. Determine the purpose of sending the communication. What is the purpose of sending it? What are you hoping recipients will do? What advantage will your message provide them? Is your text something they’d be interested in receiving?

Common rookie blunders include sending too many messages too quickly and sending texts to folks who haven’t opted in to receive them — we’ll go over this more in the fourth point. You may avoid the first error by making a strategy for when and what SMS messages you want to deliver to your subscribers.

THINK ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE: The more you know about your audience, the more you can personalise your content to their preferences. What are their preferences and dislikes? When and on what days of the week do they often respond to your texts? Keep your communications short, and make sure you’re presenting them with something of actual value.

PLAN TO INCREASE VALUE: You may add value to your messages by teaching them something, introducing new items they’d be interested in, delivering pertinent business information, encouraging them to join in a contest, conducting surveys, or providing them with a special discount or coupon offer.

USE SMS MARKETING IN CONJUNCTION WITH OTHER TOOLS: When paired with other marketing techniques such as social media, email newsletters, and direct mail advertising, SMS marketing becomes even more effective. You may make your social network postings more engaging by texting individuals to invite them to join in competitions, giveaways, or surveys.

Encourage them to join the contest or giveaway by texting a keyword to your short code and completing questionnaires. You can measure the performance of your campaign by keeping track of how many people use the Keyword.

Increase your SMS subscriber base by sending out an email blast that encourages individuals to join up for the service. Encourage customers to sign up for text message order and shipment confirmation, tracking information, new product notifications, and special discounts and promotions.

The more value you can give them in exchange for signing up for your list, the more likely they are to do so.

Direct mail advertising and SMS marketing are ideal for Shopify companies that sell actual goods. Send customised cards with each order to thank the customer for their purchase. By texting a keyword to your short code and signing up for your SMS list, you may offer them a discount on their next purchase. Include contact information as well as advice on what to do if there is an issue with their purchase.

CREATING CAMPAIGNS WITH TEXT TEMPLATES: Use one or more of the templates below to assist you in creating a killer campaign to jumpstart your SMS marketing plan.

“There’s a sale going on!” Select goods are discounted by up to 60%. Visit our store at right now.”

“Many thanks for your purchase! Delivery should take 3-5 business days. Your tracking number is 1646513641364364.”

“Your order is incomplete!” Now is the time to go through your shopping basket and choose a payment option to finalise your transaction.”

“A new item has arrived in our store! Learn more and get yours before they’re gone!”

3. Select a Service Provider

How do you determine which SMS software provider to choose when there are so many to select from? As a Shopify shop owner, you want software that is tailored to your specific requirements. SMSBump connects with Shopify, making it easy to create effective marketing campaigns for your store. It is, in our opinion, the greatest SMS app for Shopify shops.

ENJOY A TIGHT INTEGRATION WITH SHOPIFY WITH SMSBUMP: SMSBump offers a strong array of tools to Shopify shops to help you get the most out of your SMS campaigns. You may customise product suggestions, add suggested product photos, send abandoned cart reminders, offer purchase and shipment confirmation, and much more.

The developers are always trying to improve the programme and add new features. SMSBump works with a variety of different apps, including MailChimp, Slack, Klaviyo Contacts, OptiMonk, ReCharge, and Smile. SMSBump Integrations has a comprehensive list of the programmes with which they are compatible.

List segmentation, custom flows, A/B testing, ROI text automation, SMS automation, link shortener, campaign scheduling, and opt-out lists are some of SMSBump’s key features. They also assist you in remaining compliant with international legislation. Their software complies with the TCPA, CTIA, and GDPR.

4. Become acquainted with the CAN-SPAM and TCPA Acts.

The CAN-SPAM and TCPA Acts specify which communications corporations may transmit to customers and when they may do so.

Customers do not want to get texts from a company unless they have given their permission, and you are obligated by law to obtain their written approval before sending the first message. Ignoring the law may result in heavy penalties or perhaps time in prison.

Jiffy Lube discovered this for themselves when they sent unsolicited SMS to clients who had not signed in to receive them. Customers received a one-time offer for 45 percent off an oil change. Doesn’t it seem like a decent deal? Even the best offer may result in a lawsuit. Jiffy Lube settled out of court for $47 million in this dispute – ouch!

Take the time to learn the law and speak with a certified lawyer if you have any issues.

5. Select a Professional

Are you ready to start SMS marketing for your Shopify business but don’t know where to begin? Our Shopify specialists can assist you with integrating SMS Bump into your shop and showing you how to utilize it. We have assisted countless customers in achieving their marketing objectives, and we are ready to assist you as well!