GPU miners trickery: Watch out for painted memory on used graphics cards

PSA: Discolored memory chips are a prevalent indication indicating intensely made use of graphics cards, potentially former mining playing cards. New proof indicates some resellers are striving to deceive buyers by portray around the memory. The paint will come off fairly conveniently for people inspecting the utilised GPUs.

Two Brazilian YouTube channels have uncovered indications that crypto miners are hoping to sell employed graphics cards by passing them off as much more evenly utilized than they are. A stunning new tactic is to disguise signs of have on on the GDDR memory.

When a GPU has been under major load for extended durations, these types of as for mining cryptocurrency, the heat can give the memory chips a yellow tint. Iskandar Souza (below) and TecLab not too long ago posted movies examining cards showing to have paint on all those chips. Scraping off the paint unveiled discoloration. Souza’s report compares a contemporary GPU with one particular featuring disguised put on and tear.

The final several decades have established the stage for such schemes in the graphics card industry. Miners are seeking to offload the GPUs from their rigs that misplaced profitability immediately after the crypto winter and Ethereum Merge very last calendar year. Whilst the mining fall-off has improved prices in recent months, several cards continue to struggle to arrive at their MSRP. at?v=h7zj1_Etzn4

In this atmosphere, promotions on employed GPUs are probable even now interesting to lots of possible shoppers. These buyers most likely want to stay clear of playing cards from crypto mines which are a lot more worn than most.

Heavy use and repair efforts also leave marks on other parts of GPUs, as Souza’s movie reveals. Discoloration all over and scratches on the card’s central processor could show the seller tried to resolder it, for occasion. Lacking screws could propose somebody opened a graphics card to address up traces of mining use.

Past 12 months, we documented on a video clip demonstrating a miner seeking to prepare GPUs for resale by blasting a rack of them with a stress washer — a highly unadvisable technique. Not only can untreated h2o injury graphics card elements, but so can the drive of the force washer.

All refurbished GPUs aren’t undesirable, even so. Consumers just need to be watchful when obtaining from 3rd-social gathering sellers on main web pages like Newegg and Amazon. The most secure way to get refurbs is in all probability instantly from the stores of board associates like PNY and EVGA (pictured over).