From scratch: Pasta maker rolls out company in downtown Billings | Nearby Information

After large school, Rembold attended the Culinary Institute of The united states in New York, and ended up in Yakima with her spouse, exactly where she commenced building pasta from scratch in a modest restaurant, Deli De Pasta.

“All they did was pasta and sauce, and they marketed it to go,” stated Rembold, who eventually acquired the cafe and advanced it into a great dining establishment, but she ongoing producing pasta and sauce.

“People went nuts for pasta in Yakima,” she stated. They presented 10 kinds of pasta in 20 various flavors, together with a variety of sauces.

Lisa Rembold operates to make lasagna at Zest, 110 N 29th St. in Billings, wherever she introduced Seconde Pasta Co.

Now residing in Billings, Rembold is back again in the business of producing fresh pasta. She invested in a Sirman Concerto, an Italian pasta device that can crank out 12 kilos of pasta an hour, and she’s acquired 17 dies — extruders for building all the various designs and measurements of pasta — to go with it.

Spaghetti, sheet pasta (lasagna), fettuccini, pappardelle, manicotti, rigatini, rigatoni, gnocchi, gnocchiette … the listing goes on.

“I can do 20 different pastas, and the flavorings are limitless,” reported Rembold, who has been creating pasta now for 25 years.

The components are basic: semolina flour, unbleached white flower, and egg. She makes use of Montana solutions as usually as she can get them and sells her clean pastas by means of the Yellowstone Valley Meals Hub, as well as outside the house Zest all through the downtown farmers’ markets.