Dot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

Dot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

Traditionally, when lots of of us feel of graffiti, we think of artists spraying away with uncomplicated paint cans. However, there’s typically a whole lot of tech and art that goes into the subject these times. [Vitaly Tesh] created himself a impressive dot-portray spray rig that is really alternatively nifty.

The dot maker done ably in this piece by [Vitaly].

The build starts with [Vitaly] utilizing a heated Stanley knife to minimize absent a propeller assembly from a little toy drone. He then fits a compact plastic disc to the motor in area of the prop.  The disc has a cutout so that as it spins, it only makes it possible for paint to pass at sure situations. The total bundle bolts on to a standard spray can, so it can be used with any paint color or model which is ideal.

The spray can paints personal dots on the wall at various distances apart, thanks to the spinning disc. Various the pace of the motor or the level at which the can is moved relative to the wall adjustments the pitch of the dots. Importantly, [Vitaly] involved a drip seize method so that paint that doesn’t move out of the dot aperture does not leak all over his hands or the wall, ruining the piece.

We’ve viewed robots put to operate portray murals on walls, as well. Video clip soon after the break. at?v=-3Y5zXzkjbU

[Thanks to Abe Tusk for the tip!]