DidYouKnowGaming Gets Video Nintendo DMCA’d Restored

DidYouKnowGaming Gets Video Nintendo DMCA’d Restored

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Again in December we talked about how Nintendo obtained a online video on the DidYouKnowGaming YouTube channel taken down via a DMCA notice. While Nintendo is infamous for becoming an intellectual property bully and imposing what it thinks are its rights in as draconian a manner as probable, what stood out about this specific story is that the online video in problem was a journalistic hard work to document a match pitched to Nintendo that by no means arrived out, integrated no gameplay footage, and thus didn’t reproduce any true sport assets. It appears for all the earth that Nintendo utilised the DMCA program to acquire down a video comprised of pure gaming journalism, which is not how any of this is intended to work.

DYKG, for its component, both of those promised to combat the takedown and implored its Twitter followers to get to out to Nintendo and convey to the corporation what they thought of this type of censorship of specifics.

And now it appears that the channel designed superior on its promise to battle back again, or at minimum not give in. YouTube restored the online video this 7 days immediately after DYKG submitted a counternotice, getting that there was no copyright infringement in just the video clip.

“We won,” YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming tweeted on December 28. “The Heroes of Hyrule video clip is back again up.” It included that YouTube verified the initial copyright takedown recognize was in truth from Nintendo and not an imposter, and that the movie has received above 20,000 sights in its first working day again.

“When you counter a DMCA on YouTube, the enterprise who DMCA’d you has 10 doing the job times to show that they’ve taken lawful action from you, or the online video is restored,” tweeted Shane Gill, the proprietor of DidYouKnowGaming. “So I invested the past two months examining my email to see if Nintendo was suing [sic] me.”

I suppose that lawsuit could nonetheless be forthcoming, but guy would it be a silly go on Nintendo’s element if that took place. Again, the important little bit is that there is no actual Nintendo articles being copied here or nearly anything in the movie that would drop outside of apparent fair use provisions.

The takeaway here is that it would be definitely good if stories like this becamse additional frequent, specially when it problems the much more infamous IP bullies out there.

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