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An asymptote is a straight line that consistently techniques a specified curve but does not fulfill at any infinite distance.

In other words, the approach simply cannot be enhanced additional.

This occurs to all matters in character. Economists sometimes phone this as “diminishing marginal utility”. In layman terms, this is also referred to as “plateau” of growth curve … somes as “S” curve.

All are asymptotes.

Are we reaching limits in various domains at the very same time?

Provide Chain Effectiveness Asymptote: For uninitiated, Source Chain performance is an potent evaluate of productivity gains in an economic system. With out efficiency gains, there can be no economic expansion.

I to start with observed this as a Supply Chain Administration guide more than 10 years back. That no organization I was functioning with, was capable to improve their forecast precision past 75% (at products – business amount). Extensive bulk of companies’ accuracy is among 65% to 75%.

In spite of all the chat of IoT / Sector 4., I think web gains in provide chain is probable to be marginal. They will occur from new companies becoming a member of know-how pushed SC administration, not from firms who are currently productive.

Microchip Nanometer Asymptote: We have currently arrived at 3 nanometer thickness. Any thinner, we are speaking of single atom stage of etching.

A silicon atom is .2 nanometers. It would be extremely hard to generate a silicon transistor smaller than that. Short of quantum computer breakthroughs, or new material to make chips, it seems latest technological know-how has reached its restricting dimensions.

  1. Does it signify there will no speed gains / processor but any new gains?
  2. Will have to occur from new adoptions i.e. increasing sideways. But no inherent efficiency attain?

Suggestions Asymptote: We came accross this disturbing paper from Nature recently on “Papers and patents are turning out to be less disruptive over time”.

I’ll right estimate the post right here:

“Using information on 45 million papers and 3.9 million patents from six significant-scale datasets, with each other with a new quantitative metric—the CD index—that characterizes how papers and patents improve networks of citations in science and know-how. We uncover that papers and patents are increasingly a lot less probably to break with the previous in ways that push science and know-how in new instructions. This sample holds universally across fields and is robust across many diverse quotation- and text-dependent metrics”

Inside science, it has been well regarded that Physics hasn’t moved a great deal in the previous 70+ many years. To a issue that it has turn out to be a pop culture joke:

Marketplace efficiency Asymptote: We wrote about our very own investigate into marketplace efficiencies and concluded that real and best performance (i.e. zero arbitrage) may perhaps not be probable.

Fascination fee Asymptote: Interest charges have been on given that 1300’s according to this article by The Economist:

So, the ‘zero’ and negative fee routine we have experienced in last 15 years (20+ if you depend from dot-com period), is genuinely a portion of a big extended trend. Obtaining achieved this asymptote, curiosity premiums don’t have any location to go in the short run but up …

Raises some significant questions:

  1. When the Fed defeats latest bout of inflation, and inflation is returned to 2%, will they return to keeping the fed fund fees at 2%?
  2. Since interest amount is definitely a reflection of productivity gains in an financial system (which in-convert is reflected in forecast accuracy over), are we then searching at many years of minimal productivity / lower expansion ecosystem?


Human character will not rest at asymptotes. Huge breakthroughs will arrive. Most likely with following Einstein like genius. Until then, we will grind on.

We believe that that industry will keep on being sufficiently inefficient for us to keep producing earnings for us and our prospects.