Apple settles lawsuit against former employee accused of leaking trade secrets

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Apple has settled its lawsuit against Simon Lancaster, a former resources guide who allegedly stole trade strategies and shared them with a journalist.&#13

As element of the settlement, Lancaster will spend an undisclosed sum to Apple. He is also barred from disclosing any private data related to Apple devoid of Apple’s categorical written consent. &#13

Apple to begin with sued Lancaster in 2021, alleging that he’d sold trade secrets to an unnamed publication in exchange for favorable coverage of a startup. &#13

Lancaster experienced labored with Apple for additional than a decade. He employed his seniority to go to conferences outdoors the scope of his get the job done, exactly where he allegedly discovered about but unreleased Apple products and solutions.&#13

On his last working day, he downloaded a “substantial selection” of confidential Apple files from Apple’s company network onto his own computer system. &#13

He shared a confidential document with an unnamed correspondent, which Apple refers to as “Task X.” &#13

Nine times after announcing his exit, Lancaster requested obtain to documents pertaining to two other projects he failed to belong to. He sent that info to the correspondent as nicely.&#13

After departing Apple, Lancaster congratulated the correspondent about the accomplishment of an post that disclosed Apple insider secrets.